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Wobbler Syndrome Treated Successfully by Acupuncture! July 20, 2008

Posted by MSW in Wobbler Syndrome.

GRANADA, Spain 2008

In mid-May 2008 Maria Lombide awoke to find her Doberman female ‘Titi’, 7 years old, could not walk and showed obvious signs of distress and illness. To her dismay Titi was diagnosed by three local Veterinary Surgeons with “Wobbler Syndrome”. The vets had no hope of any recovery for Titi.

However Maria was NOT going to accept this and looked for alternatives.

She found a Medical Doctor and Surgeon who also practiced Acupuncture and Natural Healing.

Dr Acuña has treated Titi since 22nd May, 2008 when she had to be carried to his surgery, till last treatment as of Friday 18th July 2008, where she leap out of the car at home, and ran – somewhat clumsily – up the 18 steps of the outside stairs!

This website is both a celebration of a healing process and a guide for those seeking assistance when their dogs are affected by Wobbler Syndrome.

Mitch Williamson

Maria Lombide Ezpeleta



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