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TITI’S RECOVERY JOURNAL Part I I October 3, 2008

Posted by MSW in Treatment.

Day 10 – Titi commenced treatment with Dr Acuña

Day 11 – After second treatment with Dr Acuña Titi was able to stand with assistance.

Day 12 – Third treatment: Titi again seemed brighter and her body was at more ease.

Day 13 – Fourth treatment: Titi was almost able to stand by herself and tried to take a step.

Day 15 – Fifth treatment: Titi could now stand by herself and walk with assistance.

Day 21 – After two more treatments Titi could walk and jump up on her sofa by herself.

Day 23 – More treatment and now Titi could walk around the terrace by herself but not use steps.

Day 28 – Further treatment for Titi who could now get out of the car and walk into Dr Acuña’s surgery by herself. Previously she had to be carried in and out of the car. By now she knew where she was going and what benefit Dr Acuña’s treatment gave her—just look at her expression in the above pictures.

Day 32 – Coming back from treatment Titi gets out of the car and takes joyous pride in walking up the outside stairs.

Day 36 – After her treatment by Dr Acuña Titi leaps off the treatment table, to the delight of all.

Day 37 – Titi can walk around the house and garden, climb stairs with only a hint of ‘wobbles’.



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