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Introducing ‘Hendrix’ January 29, 2009

Posted by MSW in Wobbler Syndrome.


“Hendrix” was recently diagnosed with Wobbler Syndrome and given steroid, muscle relaxers, and pain medication. This treatment had a positive effect but it’s not really getting the job done. Surgery was suggested if the current treatment fails. He is big -105 lbs – red Doberman of 3 yrs, very strong and playful. I think recovery from an invasive procedure would be difficult for him. -Ted



1. Christy Waehner - January 31, 2009

The website for Sylvia’s successful treatment for wobblers (Wobblers……….is there an alternative to surgery) has been moved.


I hope it continues to help others.
Christy Waehner

2. rescuedobe - August 8, 2009

How’s Hendrix doing? Have you put a neck wrap on him and done some acupuncture?

Ted Mortsea - April 20, 2010

Hendrix is doing much better. The wobbler syndrome diagnosis may have been incorrect. To be careful he doesn’t use collars only harness which gives the big guy an advantage when being walked! He has spent the last year in Arizona and the weather may have helped. He’ll be returning to New Jersey for the summer as AZ is awful hot (see picture)

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